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Fountainhead at Lakeside Village Roof Coatings in Fountain Hills

Fountainhead Roof Coating Project in Fountain HillsWe were contracted to apply the LaPolla 5000 Full Fabric, Liquid Applied Roofing System to all roofs in this luxury townhouse community.

It involved cleaning, prepping, applying a Base coat of elastomeric coating, immediately embedding a full layer of mesh fabric on the entire roof for reinforcement, and applying 3 top coats with the finish coat being tinted to a Tan color. This is a VERY high quality roof system and will last the community 10 years or more!

Envision Roof Coatings provides townhouse communities, condominiums or other housing properties throughout the Fountain Hills area with top-notch roof coating services.


If you are looking for quality roof coating services for your townhouse community in the Phoenix area please call Envision Roof Coatings today at 602-759-0922 or complete our online request form.


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