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Comparing 4 Waterproof Coatings To Protect Your Home Or Business

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Waterproof Coatings To Protect Your Home Or BusinessWhether you own a home or a business, protecting your assets with a waterproof coating is something you’ll want to do. Waterproof coatings keep moisture damage away, minimize UV damage, and fortify the material against foot traffic damage to extend the life of all types of roofs, decks, stucco, concrete, metal, roof tile, and wood.

With all the different types of waterproof coatings out there, it’s hard to tell what should be used on what surface. Understanding the differences between them can get confusing when you are faced with everything that is available.

First, understand that waterproof coatings come in different formulas that need to be applied in different ways. It’s not easy to apply these coatings correctly, so consider getting professional help.

Our pros at Envision Coatings install waterproof coatings on all different types of surfaces, so we put together a short guide that will hopefully help you to figure out the differences. If you have any questions about the process or what would be best for you, just call to schedule an estimate.

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are a synthetic rubber product that stays flexible. Flexibility is highly important on exterior surfaces because of the constant temperature changes.

Even from morning to evening, your roof, stucco, brick, rock, wood, and other exterior materials expand and contract throughout the day. Elastomeric coatings expand and contract as well, keeping a perfect waterproof seal over the roof and siding materials.

The elastomeric coating formulas are tailored to the specific surface to be waterproofed. They are made for:

– Roofs (all types)
– Masonry
– Stucco
– Walls

Silicon Roof Coatings

You may have heard about “cool roof coatings” or “white roof coatings”. These are silicon roof coatings that protect the surfaces from the sun’s heat and UV rays.

They provide a premium finish that is applied over an existing roof. While generally used for flat roofs, this coating can be applied to sloped roofs of all types as well.

– Flat roofs
– Pitched roofs

Epoxy Deck Coatings

You have probably heard about epoxy coatings for the garage. Some surfaces need to be durable because they are also walked on or driven upon. Epoxy deck coatings are the answer for waterproofing high-foot traffic surfaces.

What you should know is that epoxy deck coating products are all the same. There are different qualities of epoxy deck coating products available. What you see in your local home improvement store is not the same as the high-performance industrial epoxy coatings that professionals like us use. Also, epoxy deck coatings are much different than epoxy paint. Don’t think that you will get the same durability with a DIY kit.

Most epoxy deck coatings are rated for outdoors. They can be applied to all types of surfaces:

– Wood decks
– Concrete decks
– Pool surrounds
– Tennis courts
– Driveways
– Garages
– Patios

Urethane Deck Coatings

First, understand that when professionals advertise Urethane deck coatings, they most often mean Polyurethane.

Polyurethane deck coatings come in formulas that also have epoxy in them as well. This is because epoxy is more durable than a polyurethane deck coating. Polyurethane deck coatings are used in all types of homes and businesses, particularly in the dairy food industry because they resist damage from lactic acids. Epoxy can yellow or corrode if it’s exposed to this chemical.

Polyurethane deck coatings take less time to cure than epoxy, effectively making the floor ready to walk on in a much shorter time. Epoxy can take 7 full days to fully cure, whereas polyurethane often cures over a weekend. As in epoxy deck coatings, polyurethane deck coatings vary. The best type is the high-performance industrial strength formula.

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