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Benefits of Roof Coatings for Commercial Buildings

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Viewmont Dr. Mesa, AZ Elastomeric Coating ProjectIf you already own a commercial and industrial building in the Phoenix area you may already be familiar with roof coating systems. At the very least, you have probably heard of them. The problem is that too many building owners put off finding out more about this system and that ruins the chances of you benefiting from this type of roofing. It is of even more importance in this area to address your need for roof protection because the elements here are a whole lot more to handle than any place else.

How You Can Benefit

When you make the smart choice to opt for Roof Coating Systems, you can expect advantages and benefits like:

  • Extend the life and longevity of your roof by recoating it, as opposed to re-roofing
    Not to mention, save a bundle since coating costs about 1/3 of what re-roofing does
  • Reduce your energy costs by as much as 20%, 30% or even 40%!
  • Continue these savings on energy for as long as you maintain your roof system
  • Eliminate tear-offs with easy application over most already existing rooftops

Enhance the overall appearance

  • Feel good about advantages like UV and fire resistance.
  • A closed cell structure system that does not harbor water or mold
  • Lightweight roofing option that does not cause added stress to the structure of your building
  • Eco-friendly choice that reduces the negative impact on the landfill, and the environment as a whole economical roofing option that pays for itself in under 5 years
  • Seamless coating that does away with gaps and overlaps and all of this is just part of the advantages you can expect.

Choose the Right Team

When you work with the pros at Envision Roof Coatings you will be able to feel confident about making the right choice. We offer the finest in commercial, industrial and even residential roof coating service. We will provide you with a seamless, watertight roof coating that will help completely enhance the performance of your roof which, ultimately, helps protect the overall condition of your building. Not to mention, we will be able to help you save money, even by spending it upfront.Roof coatings beat out the cost of re-roofing a lot because they only coat a third of what re-roofing does. Plus, this is the ideal way to help save on your monthly utility bills. These coating systems are able to reflect UV rays and, as a result, help keep your building cooler which cuts down on cooling costs. Call our Phoenix roof contractors to find out more, or to go ahead and get started.

If you are looking for deck or roof coatings in Phoenix then please call 602-759-0922 or complete our online request form.

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